I always found nature very calming, very soothing to mind. Every inch of human body or any other living being found on earth have same elements which one can find in nature. And every problem  can be solved with means of our creator - Nature.

With changing life style and changing human values, we are slowly going away from our creator and as much as this will go on, the human race will face many disorders. The way to prosperity is so simple  - just turn back and walk towards the nature, which loves us and every animal on earth like mother.

Ayurveda is a science or a life style which leads us on that way ,towards our origin in calmness in prosperity. Just like a mother never goes hard on her baby, our mother nature always have so many things to help us, to relieve us and an ART OF AYURVEDA is that keen eye through which one can find that harmony.

Hindu mythology always said the ultimate aim of any human being or living organism is ‘state of Peace’ called as Moksha. Logic is simple whatever we do in our life, we can't do it without body, so even gaining the peace and calmness is a ongoing procedure in which our body involves, it is very old saying that healthy body possess healthy mind. Peace is possible with calm and healthy body and mind , ayurveda shows that way. Ayurveda is a science which developed with the spiritual base which not only have the remedies and medicines for disorders but also have very nice teachings about life principles, where healing is so soothing and without any bad effects.

Ayurveda says body is made up of 5 basic elements earth, water, sky, fire, air and if we start to understand we can feel all of these things within us. Health is a balancing act of these all elements. There are plenty of sources for these each element available in nature, what we need is just a wish for accepting nature in our life.

Our ancestors were able to live 100 plus years without that many medicines and how was that possible? The answer is Ayurveda.

For example, rather than treating a muscular pain with any modern days pain killer, which only numbs down the nervous system of that affected part for some time and takes away the pain, there Ayurveda tries to find the reason, why the pain is there and, rather than numbing the nerves, its goes by very gentel way, which nourishes and pampers the affected part with massages, different type of diets and various herbal medicines. The best part is, that rather than treating the symptoms, Ayurveda treats the reason which results in removal of the problems from roots.

There are so many remedies and procedures to relax the stressed mind and body just like massages, different types of steams ,aromas. It is not just simple drug eating but changing the lifestyle and taking that every element out of our day to day routine which is causing imbalance of energy and pancha mahabhutas ( five basic elements). It's the same pleasure like the baby feels when mother rubs its back with warm hands how healing, how soulful that touch feels. In that same way we feel in these procedures.

Why we feel better when we are so sad and our close ones keep their hand on our back or shoulder ? because that touch attaches the soul of that person with ours and gives one spiritual and physical support to our weak mind and body, we work on the same principle when a person comes with a pain and when another person wishes for his healing and tries to calm the patient down with gentle touches of massage  along with calm music and nice smelling herbs. This heals that patient’s soul with happens and soul is the base of any pain.

Rather than going for unhealthy cosmetics and fake products for beauty and perfect body its always great to follow a healthy diet and take that glow of beauty from nature in the form of oils and herbs ayurveda teaches that. Its mission is to make every human educated about its own body and match the frequency of body with nature, which makes life more easy ,with less stress and more smiles, because ayurveda is an art of living.

It's just my honest wish and regards to all my friends in whole world to think and turn back to nature and it's not just about ayurveda it's about saving nature for our coming generations, cherishing what god has given us in the form of beautiful plants and flowers and ultimately loving the whole universe because we all are a part of universe and we all have a small universe in ourselves indeed, god bless.